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The statute of NGO Disabled Children’s Centre LOOTUS    (HOPE)


The name and the location of NGO.

•  The Non-Governmental Organization Disabled Children’s Centre Lootus
•  The NGO locates in Saue Parish, Harju County, Estonia. The address is: Maidla village, Saue vald,        76402, Harjumaa.

The purposes, assignments and principles.
The purposes of NGO are:
• giving an elementary education for disabled children
• organising courses and seminars
• consulting teacher’s and parents
• compiling teaching materials
• organising supporting camps
• offering the institution for universities as a practical base
• 24 hour care and conducting developmental service
• giving a basic education for disabled children
• offering a rehabilitation service for disabled people
• carve out a pension-long time living accomodation for people who need extra care and support
• carve out an educational centre for youngsters for teaching practical working skills

Originate from the purposes the NGO’s assignements are:

• assure the necessary educational conditions to achieve the children’s individual curricula
• teach children to consider about other people
• enthuse the children to define themselves as individuals and citizens
• help children to accomplish themselves in the society on well approved fields
• help children to live: social integration
• help children to manage on every day situations
• help children to solve oncoming problems
• main purpose: help to manage on their own

The main action of NGO is not getting profit from economical action but to achieve it’s purposes
The NGO is inhabit for unlimited time
The NGO may possess assets
The NGO holds an account, a seal and it’s own symbols

When You like to help us, please use this data:

221022934344 Swedbank
IBAN EE702200221022934344

Частная школа -  Салу Коол

Наша школа совсем небольшая – всего 17 учеников, у которых с рождения тяжелая или глубокая умственная неразвитость и сложные физические недостатки. Мы – частная школа и действуем уже 15 лет.

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Дети должны учиться жить т.е. самореализовываться в социальной интеграции в готовности к разрешению предстоящих ситуаций. От предыдущего зависит ЖИЗНЕСПОСОБНОСТЬ ЧЕЛОВЕКА С НЕДОСТАТКАМИ РАЗВИТИЯ.